Playing is the best medicine

Once upon a time, I beloved that “spiritual work” needed to be hard. That anything worthwhile in life didn’t come easy. You’ve heard that before, right?

    • This belief kept me in a romantic relationship with little joy for some aching years
    • This belief had me constantly judging myself, feeling like I could be better
    • This belief had me thinking that doing something just “because it’s fun” was frivolous
    • This belief led to a massive work-play imbalance where I prioritized achievement over ease

Well, no more. I believe that life is inherently joyful. That play is necessary. That laughing out loud, and at myself, is the best medicine. I don’t take things as personally anymore. When something is a massive struggle, I pause and ask why. It doesn’t mean that life doesn’t come with challenges, or that burning through discomfort isn’t valuable. For me, I now believe that ease, joy, and play is just as valuable…

I play like a curious child…
Like a wild woman in the dance…
Like a mermaid in the sea..
Like a vixen between the sheets…
Like a monkey in the woods…

How do you play?

Alice Hong

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